About me

 - Let me tell you a bit about me


My name is Zaffar, I am the creative behind Zansari, I am 22 years old and I live in New Zealand.

I have worked professionally as a freelance artist and designer for more than 3 years. I have experience in branding, marketing, product design and creative direction. My passion is hand-made typography otherwise known as hand lettering, this is what the bulk of my work focuses on. Over time I have had the privilege of learning from amazing artists, all of whom have inspired me greatly in some way.

I think hand-made logos created with raw tools such as brushes and markers are the best way of communicating your identity. Anything hand-made, be it a letter, a gift or a logo is immediately more valuable because of its authenticity and uniqueness. Being able to share my skills and create unique designs with people, their businesses and their clients is very special to me and I have made many close friends along the way.

I would love to talk with you on how I can be a part of your next project

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