- Questions I get asked (frequently)

What is this thing you do?

I am what people in the design world call a typographer. That means I specialise in writing in different styles - oh and its all done by hand.

How do you do this?

Its really quite simple, but it depends on why I am doing the work in the first place. For example when making logos I start with learning more about the individual or the brand, then I do my best to find a style that is suitable for them and can effectively communicate their identity. I relish in analogue so my desk is constantly littered with pens, markers, brushes and bottles of ink. I use one or multiple of these to finish a project. Along the way I work with those involved to make sure you like what I'm making. The final work is scanned in high resolution and the files are sent digitally. I'll even help you get your logo online asap - only if you ask nicely.

What is Zansari, who else is involved?

Zansari is a wacky take on my name (Zaffar Ansari). I am the founder and sole creative of this one man operation.

What services do you offer?

I spend most of my time as a designer, so I mostly do branding and commissioned artwork. I also sell prints of my artwork which you can find in my shop.

Your art is great but I want something made specially for me...

I am more than happy to do custom work, lets talk about it, email or fill out a short form on my contact me page

Whats the best way to contact you?

I spend a borderline unhealthy amount of time scrolling through Instagram, so your best bet for a quick response from me is to DM me through my Instagram. If you dont have instagram, then send me an email or fill out a short form on my contact me page